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EFST tips & tricks: Batch mounting

A commond question about EFST is how to configure automount at login. While easy enough to do via a custom startup script, for the time being this functionality it’s not available out-of-the-box. However, since version 0.26 there is a way to batch-mount all EFST configured folders:

$ efsm mount -en +

In addition to providing a specific entry name, ‘–the entry-name’ options also accepts ‘+’ symbol that tells efsm to go for batch mounting.

Similarly, to batch-unmount all currently mounted EFST folders:

$ efsm umount -en +

To exclude a folder from batch mounting, just use the “–no-batch-mount” option:

$ efsm create -en NoBatchMountFolder -bp ~/Dropbox/.secret_nobatchfolder -nb


$ efsm register -en NoBatchMountFolder -bp ~/Dropbox/.secret_nobatchfolder -nb