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My name is Arseniy Kuznetsov, I reside in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve been in Software Development since 1993, taking part in large projects and contributing to major software products in variety of senior roles.

Currently specializing in mobile & cloud, development & consulting.

Open Source Projects

  • VisualBinaryTrees: Visual Binary Trees with Swift 3 Playgrounds

  • Obj-C-FusionTables: an Objective-C library for integrating Google Fusion Tables into iOS apps. The library has been recognised and recommended by Google among top Fusion Tables Tools and Interfaces.

  • AKPFlowLayout: iOS Pinnable / Stretchable Section headers, based on UICollectionViewFlowLayout

  • BatchMP: Python CLI tools for batch media processing

  • EFST: Python Encrypted FS tools

  • iCasualTours: an advanced iOS application designed to help people capture, organise, and share their travel experience. The project has been aiming at providing best in class user experience, as well as giving the users most flexibility and security in handling their personal travel data.